My Thoughts Are Bright Tonight

I am ashamed now of who I once was,
But I’m damn proud of who I’m becoming.
I used to be tired of running,
but now I am tired from running.
I used to be tired from nothing,
until I got tired of nothing.
I turned what was not there at least into something
and some days the sun rays were mundane, so unfazed,
I talked through the hopelessness moping for ‘one day’.
One day is a day that will never pan out right,
for everything changes as quick as your doubt might,
and plans quick to vanish will cause you to shout, right?
I love that I hate what I once loved about night.
I’m sorry, sweet reaper, you’ll just have to wait.
I am dying to live and my life will be great.
I do not need you, or even the redo.
I’ll turn the pages that my future bleeds through.
I deal with age a bit more with each read through.
Look at every line that I wrote above this,
they all start with ‘I’, and you’ve got to love this,
I is what I used to hate, at high rates,
but my confidence came swiftly to confiscate,
but my common senses all chose to congregate,
so I’m sorry, sweet reaper, you’ll just have to wait.
Even my friends have no interest in reading this,
but that doesn’t matter so long as I’m heeding this,
some probably wonder, my god, why’s he sharing this?
If he’s not embarrassed, let’s talk about arrogance.
I’ll never stop writing, I promise; I’m swearing this,
for it keeps me alive and helps find out who Aaron is.
My thoughts are brighter than normal tonight,
up late, it feels great, I’ll stay up ‘til it’s light.
Try to imagine yourself, say, a year from now:
are you taking the picture or are you taking the bow?


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