Poems of Insomnia: Four Poems Written in the Late of Night

I don't think that I have previous made any posts containing multiple poems, so I thought that this might be fun. I was up late last night, just wired with inspiration and melodies in my head, so I ended up writing four poems very quickly one after another. Only positive thoughts; only good inspiration; only in the dead of night.


Dead in the UK

This is a poem that I wrote about how I have always been drawn to the cliffs found in Ireland and the UK, where there are rolling fields of natural grass that lead up to steep cliffs above the ocean with no beaches down below. They're so beautiful to me and I feel so drawn to them, and I hope to one die day near a place like that.

Twenty Five Plus One Day

This is a poem I wrote on my 25th birthday about the premonition I always had that I would die young, that I almost wanted that to happen, particularly on my 25th birthday. Since it did not, and since I have much more to do, this poem is a toast to the rest of my life.