Poems of Insomnia: Four Poems Written in the Late of Night

~ Extraordinary ~
It is true
in this moment that
perhaps you are ordinary,
but if you
give yourself
all of yourself
and perhaps something extra,
then in time
might you find
that after all
you’re extraordinary.

~ I Am Earth ~
I’m unlike the earth
for the earth is far more beautiful;
but I can sing to keep a tune
to darkness I’ve become immune.
I’m much like the earth
for the earth and I are whimsical;
but I can’t draw to save her trees
yet still she shines her light on me.
I’m not meant for earth
for the earth is so conditional;
but I can learn to play her game
that nothing will remain the same.
I belong to earth
for the earth is unconventional;
but I, like her, have much to say
with minds that spin throughout the day.

~ A Book and a Fool ~
Why aren’t I sleeping?
Questions and shadows
trouble and gloom.
Why aren’t I weeping?
Answers and comforts
with impending doom.
No, nothing else matters.
Strong ales in taverns
and strong women too.
Oh, something must matter.
The echoes in caverns
of words said by you.
Why do I hear laughter?
Happily ever after
a book and a fool.
The voices laugh with me;
a book and a fool.

~ Say Your Prayers ~
Say your prayers
and let the night wage on;
don’t let the fight rage on.
The fight to write is growing strong,
but you’ve been up too long.
Say your prayers
and let the nightmares mass;
they are sure to come and pass.
The sight of light is growing fast,
but time has come at last.
Say your prayers and shut your eyes
and if you’re taken by surprise,
then just embrace the vast unknown
despite your gardens overgrown.
Just say a simple prayer tonight
and everything will be alright;
I’ve taken hold of what would once
condemn me to the hall of light.


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