Love, Come and Find Me

Come and find me
if you dare,
for I no longer
can sit waiting.
Truth be told
lost in time
her pull on me.
I find alluring
only silence
a comfort can
be found alone;
I know me.
I love me.
I am me.
What beyond that
would I seek,
and further yet
for what good reason?
Come and find me
if you wish,
but I will not
be looking backwards.
On holy clock
I take things daily,
is powerless.
Sundried rivers
earth-hewn meadows
sulking sunsets;
none deterring.
Truth be told
is it you not me
who needs more so
for us to meet.
Come know me.
Come love me.
Come find me.
You need not
scour the endless realms,
for when it is time
you will know where I am.


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