There is No Escape

Dark words
with a harsh truth,
deep fjords
and a dull youth.
There is no escape.

Sharp cuts
and a blunt voice,
steep ruts
and a tough choice.
There is no escape.

Long roads
leading somewhere,
soft odes
but it’s unfair.
There is no escape.

Bright lights
so the sky bleeds,
loud crowds
traipsing concrete.
There is no escape.

Sun sets
on a high rise,
birds fret
as the wolf cries.
There is no escape.

Blood spills
from the earth’s veins,
hate fills
every last stain.
There is no escape.

Guns sound
and a death toll,
last call
here for men’s soul.
There is no escape.

Ice age
and a peace found,
paws prance
on a green ground.
This is their escape.


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