If the Shoe Fits

If the blues hit
then hit the road
and if the shoe fits
commit to cold
and if the new quits
then quit the old,
you’ll have nowhere to go
like a soul that’s been sold.

If the pain pops
then pop the pill
and if the ball drops
then drop the skills
and if the will stops
then mop the spill,
sopping red from the kill
as the world stands still.

If the tears fall
then fall apart
and if you hear calls
then call your heart
and if your gears stall
then stall the start,
take your time to set the pace
life is more than just a race.

If the blood sits
then slit the wrist
and if the love splits
then quick, emit
all of the dumb shit
the shit you did,
write the narrative you hid
if the shoe will truly fit.


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