In Love with a Ghost

Gone with the wind and
lost, lost
what it could have been, at what
cost, cost
the ways I have since learned to
cope, cope
and places I’ve leaned on for
hope, hope.

I try to live life, of each day make the most,
it is no surprise I’m in love with a ghost.

Chasing the past as I
age, age
I write to you with every
page, page
I humor myself with it
all, all
clinging to the ledge, time to
fall, fall.

I let go of my grip on the edge of the coast,
fall into her arms, I’m in love with a ghost.

We said all our vows in our
graves, graves
emotions of wraiths come in
waves, waves
‘til life do us part, lasts for
death, death
until one of us sadly draws
breath, breath.

To my friends on the other side, I propose a toast,
“To both life and to death, I’m in love with a ghost!”


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