Interlude IV

Best read while listening to: Interlude


She clawed her way from the grip of nothingness
and found herself clinging onto the walls
of a place she had never been to before
though it was as familiar to her
as was the voice of the one whose hands
ran through her hair.
She heard the reverberation of his screams
echoing in the darkness
and ran her fingers over the very walls
where he had run his hands
in a different dimension of time.
She felt around for his hands
in the depths of Cavernous Deep,
but came in the wrong dimension,
for they were on the same page
of a different book.
She knew not where to go.
She knew not what to say.
She knew not why to bother,
for she had come too late.
Her screams intertwined with his
and together reverberated off of the walls.
He too could hear them.
He too could feel the wall.
He too knew not why to bother,
for they were lost in different dimensions,
until finally they woke up in a slow panic
on the softness of the sofa
in the temple of light
at the end of the interlude.
The somber melody came to a halt
and they caught their breath while sharing breath,
and together became one in the absence of the world.

Previous Poem: Cavernous Deep


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