New State

I bought a house and now I’m feeling old,
but did I dig my grave or did I dig for gold?
Either way I flipped a page, and now a story’s told,
how will the story end? How will it all unfold?
Some things are best kept in the future’s hold.
Looking out of a new window in a new place
in a new mental, yes a new state,
oh look! A new fence and there’s a new gate;
howdy-ho neighbor, there’s a new face.
Tally-ho stranger, I hope you’re doing great!
You’re a wild animal; I won’t hunt you, mate.
Wild animals truly beat two roommates!
I think I’ll take a walk, I think to water’s edge
and to myself I’ll talk, and walk up to the ledge
I think I’ll take a dive, for I know how to swim,
I think I’ll stay alive, there’s no need to give in.
And maybe I will climb, I think to mountain top
and baby I can rhyme, I think there’s doubt I’ll stop.
Looking out on a new harbor in a new state,
there’s a new Jeep Wrangler and new Escape!
There’s a new cheap thrift store and a new arcade,
like a new deck of cards there’s new things in spades!
That’s a new mailbox and a new stump…
is it new trash pickup or a new town dump?
And is that new town water or a new well pump?
So many things are brand new I could run and jump!
None of these thing are new, but they’re new to me…
although I haven’t even moved yet; I’m excited, you see!
I’m making changes for the better, so I’m delighted to be
Mainely focused on the future where I’ll proudly be free.


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