I hope that the memories of me burn in your mind,
that they melt your reassurances
into puddles of doubt and regret.
I hope that it rolls down the softness of your cheeks,
that it dampens your colorful clothing
into a vessel of the way that you ought to feel.
And despite your best efforts,
lurker in the depths of darkness
your hands just minutes to midnight,
you were not able to see my fire die.
For, you see, my heart was forged in gold,
the same gold that was wrought before time
to forge the pearly gates to the kingdom
to which I one day will belong,
and inside is stored the very fibers of how I exist,
of who it is that I am; a flame.
Yes, a flame.
I am a fire preserved through a flame that is kept
in the confines of my golden heart, unburnt.
You made my flame flicker,
my thin wick burning quicker,
and though I fell into a temporary darkness
when the flame died down to the last of its breath,
soon it breathed once again and filled me with life.
My heart is a flame that burns perpetually,
allowing me to love warmly, and fiercely,
and the fire inside of me will never die
until with its smoke I rise up to the sky.

Check out the recording on SoundCloud here


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